An ADULT CLASS is scheduled at Marlboro Grad Center, Brattleboro, April 16-19, 2018. Enrollment: 3-5. Classes meet every April and November.

This 6 + 6 class—6 hours of classroom instruction, 6 behind the wheel—is for students 18 years or older. The immediate focus is passing the DMV road test using the key elements of zone control; these elements are also critically important for safe driving long term. Eligible for VSAC funding, the class lasts an hour and a half each of four days, with four solo driving times of an hour and a half each to follow in the late morning and afternoon; drive slots are scheduled the following week as needed.

Prerequisites: 1) a valid Vermont learner’s permit, and 2) as much driving experience as possible, especially an ability to steer accurately and to maintain speed at or near the speed limit. Drivers with little on-road experience are welcome to enroll knowing success on the DMV road test comes with additional hours with a licensed driver or instructor.

Class requirements: Mandatory on-time attendance at all classroom sessions and drive times.

Cost: $550, with a sign-up deposit of $200 to secure a spot. The remainder is due a week before class begins. Payment is otherwise by arrangement.

Classroom times: 9:00 – 10:30am, Monday through Thursday.

To enroll: Complete waiver and application (click each, print and sign). Enclose with a check for $200 payable to SVDS unless other arrangements have been made. Mail to SVDS, 219 John Birch Dr., Readsboro, VT 05350. Speed up enrollment by clicking Contact and providing your name, e-mail, dates of class you’re interested in, permit # and expiration date, date of birth, address, and phone numbers.

More information: Send Dave an e-mail at or call SVDS at 802 423-5595. You can also click Contact to ask a question.

Need a car for the DMV road test? An additional $150 allows Dave’s students when ready to use the SVDS Driver Ed car to take the DMV road test in Dummerston. He will pick you up and get you where you’re going after the road test. Dave is available except during the summer.